About julietteandthelicks.com

As mentioned in the home page of this website, this band was formed, really, as a reaction or, if you want to put it in another way, a rebellion against modern music.

Online home

And this website was put together to give Juliette and the Licks an online home.

Now, we’re not just talking about a place where we list the albums that we have put out. We didn’t just decide to create an online home for the lyrics of our songs—they are definitely on this website. You can also download a copy of our latest output and work product—but it goes beyond that. This website really is supposed to be a two-way street.

One thing that we hate about modern musical celebrity culture is that it really is a one-way street. It may try to make you feel like you have a say in the artist’s music, but it really is a one-way street. It’s a pre-canned, prepackaged, pre-written, pre-formulated music crammed down the throats of the so-called fan.

What it really is is that it is just a basic machine or a factory where products are designed and decided on by a committee. This committee does not report to anybody. This committee just focuses on the bottom line and brainstorms all sorts of ideas.

And, interestingly enough, thanks to modern polling technology and focus groups, these committees have access to demographic information as well as audience trends, courtesy of places like Google Trends and Facebook Insights. Taking all this data, they would slice and dice it and come up with all sorts of safe predictions.

Cutting Edge

Make no mistake about it, this kind of process does not lead to cutting edge or revolutionary music. Far from it. Instead, it is a celebration of everything and anything boring, predictable and banal about modern musical culture.

I don’t mean to be ranting here, I don’t mean to be judging the way music is made, but let’s face it, if you are looking at music as an open, democratic and ultimately personal channel of unique individual expression, there’s something to worry about here because if this is the kind of message and training people get regarding what is accepted and rejected as music, then we’re in trouble.

What’s so awesome about rock, for the longest time, despite all its ups and downs and all its permutations and mutations throughout the decades, is that there’s always room for outsiders. And I’m talking about real outsiders here, like David Bowie. The problem is, this is no longer the case.

I mean, the faces look fresh enough, but the soul behind them, the controlling power, the arrangement, the infrastructure, it all goes back to the same place. It’s all about making money. It’s all about not taking risks whatsoever. It’s really all about achieving the musical version of shooting fish in a barrel.

Where’s the experimentation? Where’s the risk? Where is the possibility of transcendence or pushing back against comfort zones and breaking through neat and tidy parameters that choke creativity and insight in this industry?

Why this website was born

As you can well imagine, there’s a lot to be pissed about, and that’s why this website was born. This really is a springboard for everybody and anybody who has beef against the modern music industry.

We’re not just talking about you ranting and raving, although there’s a lot of that here. We also want you to be so engaged and so infuriated, or upset and concerned that you actually roll up your sleeves and form your own band. That’s really our ultimate goal.

While we don’t have any grandiose ambitions to be the next Velvet Underground, we do like the spirit behind the Velvet Underground.

According to Brian Eno, the Velvet Underground didn’t really sell that many records when they were still around, but more importantly, every single person, it seemed, who picked up and bought a Velvet Underground album, went on to form a band.

If we can only achieve a tiny fraction of that phenomenon, we would have done our job. Welcome to julietteandthelicks.com.