This website is obviously fresh. It has a lot of rough spots, and we’re not going to apologize for that because it’s very easy to see.

Stay in touched

Consider this like an open construction area of the internet. If you’ve walked past a construction area, you’d see that there’s a big sign. You see the big danger sign and often times there’s an image or a cartoon of people wearing all sorts of safety gear.

That’s there for a reason. That’s there to warn the public that, hey, if they step into the threshold and explore inside the construction area, they’re taking matters into their own hands. They’re putting themselves in harm’s way and these signs are supposed to clue them in to this fact.

In fact, you can file a pretty fat lawsuit against construction sites if they did not have these signs, and if they did not have the proper precautions preventing you from getting into those sites in the first place.

With that said, we do need your help because there are lots of places on this website that are kind of rough. I don’t mean to maybe making excuses, but Juliette and the Licks is an experimental band. It is a musical act based on a series of ideas.

And many of these ideas, just like the ideas that you have, are not exactly well polished. They are not all ready for prime time. I would argue that the vast majority of them could use a little bit of work. And that’s where you come in.

Feel free to cuss us out, feel free to criticize us, feel free to try to emotionally demolish us. We can take it because we understand that raw criticism based from almost hate is more trustworthy than fake platitudes.

Let me tell you, all the back slapping and “atta boys” people tell us are not going to help us because we don’t know what really works. We don’t know what really resonates.

Anybody could say, “Well, that’s good enough” or “Meh, it’s okay.” That’s not what triggers excellence. Often times, I don’t know about you, when people insult you or tell you that there’s something wrong with you, that’s what pushes you forward.

You have to understand that compliments actually dull you into some sort of false complacency. You get this false security that everything is okay, so don’t try as hard.

Now, if people tell you that you suck and you should die in a fire immediately, well, you sit up and pay attention. Sure, it sucks, it stings, it’s probably something that you didn’t want to hear, that people want you to die in a very horrible way, but it wakes you up.

You have to understand that there are two types of people. There are people who take action if and only if they were backed into a corner. These are reactive people. They react to things. So it’s only when things have reached some sort of crisis proportion would they lift a finger to change their situation.

But the good news is, when they detect an emergency, they really get going. They don’t just make incremental changes here and there, they don’t just move around the deck chairs as the Titanic sinks. They actually get the Titanic out of harm’s way. That’s the kind of action they take.

We’re not going to apologize about it. We’re reactive people here. And if you criticize us, it might cut so close to home that we might actually do something about it.

So do us a favor. Slice and dice this website. Whether we’re talking about the mp3’s you’ll find here or the pictures or the content, if you don’t like anything, let us know in the worst way possible.

Don’t hold back. It’s okay. Cuss us out. We don’t care, as long as it’s intense. We need you to light a fire under our butts so we can get going because that’s how we operate. That’s how things get done around here.

So do us a favor, don’t be shy. This is no time to be prim and proper. If you think you’re trolling, that’s okay. Troll away. You can say that this is one part of the musical internet that can pass for trollistan. Feel at home.

Juliette and the Licks is all about keeping it real and using real input to take our music, as unpolished and as experimental as it may be currently, to a whole new other level. And you play a crucial part in that evolution.