How to Promote Your Band on Social Media

The ABSOLUTE truth

Social Media

Whether you have some sort of autotune highly synthesized band, or you actually play your instruments and you got good at them, it doesn’t really matter. I know that sounds discouraging, I know that sounds harsh, but that’s the absolute truth. Because you can come up with the best music in the world and nobody could care. Seriously.

A lot of bands from all over the world have this mental cancer that they’re walking around with, and this cancer defeats them time and time again. What am I talking about? What am I getting at? Well, it’s simple. The whole idea of “build it and they will come.”

A lot of web developers have this idea. They come up with an ultimate website that is so awesome and so hot because they think it’s hot, and guess what happens after they build it? A whole lot of nothing because people haven’t heard of it. And when they do show up, it addresses things they don’t really care about. So these websites fail again and again. It’s like clockwork.

The same applies to music. You may be all excited about the music or genre you’re in, you might have all these amazing ideas, but until and unless you get the word out and you develop a real community around your music, nothing is going to happen.

And unfortunately, a lot of people are thinking that great music is really all about musicianship and composition. Sure, these two elements can go a long way, but there’s a lot more to it than that. It is really a complicated ball of wax.

And until and unless you are willing to put in the time, effort and energy to untie all these trends and look through the many different layers and study your interplay between your music and the people who are drawn to your music, you’re not going to go far. And this why social media is so powerful.

Now, a lot of people play the social media marketing game for musical acts in the worst way possible. They think that it’s just like promoting some sort of blog post. They would create all these different social media accounts on many different platforms.

They would get on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, and so on and so forth. And then they would crank out the same stuff. Talk about a waste.

Real social media marketing is all about exploiting and leveraging whatever is distinct about that particular channel. For example, if you’re on a video channel, then highlight the video elements of your musical band. Exploit that forum.

If you’re on Twitter, focus on the questions. These are short questions people ask about the music and post snippets of that music. In other words, work with the limitations as well as opportunities presented by the specific social media platform you’re on.

Most promoters don’t do this. They still are suffering from that whole “build it and they will come” mindset. They think that this music is so awesome and it’s the best thing since sliced bread that people would be complete and total idiots to ignore it. And that’s precisely what happens.

So if you are really serious about promoting your band on social media, you need to roll up your sleeves and you need to get to work. And what makes this work is not copying and pasting, okay? Let’s just get that out of our heads.

It’s all about paying attention to the community that forms around your content and engaging with those community members in specific ways based on the social media platform you’re communicating through. Am I getting through? Is everything clear? Good.